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About Doping CRM

The company began operations in 2010. During our work, we have completed more than 100 implementations and automation of business processes, and we have experience working with small and large companies. Our company provides assistance in solving problems arising from working with clients, personnel, orders, as well as in accounting and tax reporting. It also helps to automate your business, adjusting to your business processes. has been designed entirely and completely customizable.

What is Doping CRM?

This is the "Dope" for your business, allowing you to quickly grow and develop.

Advantages of introducing CRM system into your business:

  • Analysis of the sales funnel resulting in an increase in sales
  • Reduce Costs
  • Collecting Customer Database
  • Automating Previously Manual Procedures and Processes

  • Replacing multiple information systems into one tool

  • Improvement of the sales process, requests
  • Easy to work with data
  • Focus on the needs of each customer

  • Analytics of marketing promotion, employee performance, request processing, sales
  • Full performance reporting, accounting and tax reporting
  • Convenient storage of all information and files in one place
  • Extensible and Delegated
  • Absolute security of your data storage and confidentiality
  • Setting and achieving your goals