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DopingCRM is the next generation customer relationship management system. It fundamentally differs from popular solutions in customization flexibility, deployment scale and functional capabilities. At the moment, a little more than 20 solutions have been developed for small business areas.

What problems does DopingCRM help solve?

- - Automate daily tasks
- - Adaptation of business processes for your line of business
- - Directory of ready-made solutions
- - Minimization of expenses for automation, due to ready-made modules
- - Extensible CRM functionality

- Select from the catalog of ready-made solutions or Create your own CRM

A network of branches around the world or a private store in a residential area?

We put our best effort into every project

Solution Directory:

Complete work from any device

  • Windows
  • iMac, MacBook
  • iOS
  • Android
  • and others

Team / Office / Branch Network Operations

  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Separation of Rights
  • Company Performance Reports
  • Simultaneous work of 1000+ users
  • Company Management

Development of CPM for your needs

  • Connect your domain
  • Working with mailboxes
  • Business Algorithms
  • Workflow
  • Customization of any modules

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